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Brand You: Design

Mike Kim
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Finally, a simple, all-in-one design tutorial hub for today's platform builder! 

As a personal brand, your day-to-day design needs are quite simple: images for your blog or podcast, social media images, banner / header images for your site, and 3D book pictures for your lead magnets and courses.

The problem is you aren't a designer: you're a blogger, or consultant, or coach, or copywriter, or podcaster. 

So you do what seems natural: you either fumble through creating your own designs using programs that aren't made for design, or you outsource the work. But how much have you paid for outsourcing really simple tasks?

Stop Paying For Simple Designs.

Over the years, I've shelled out thousands of dollars to have these custom designed for my blog. I really regret that.

Had I known creating these images would be this simple, I would have saved that money for things I REALLY needed, like a custom web design or logo ... you know, the stuff that's actually hard to do and requires advanced skills like web code, CSS, HTML, etc.

(99 Designs and Other Solutions Are Still Money Out of Pocket ... )

There are great solutions out there, and yes -- if you need a CUSTOM logo designed from scratch, I wholeheartedly recommend you use 99 Designs, or hire my friend Jason Clement. 

(He has designed for countless brands, including some you may well know like Cici's Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery).

But for the day-to-day stuff like book cover images for LeadPages, or a 3D image for your lead magnet, or to replace your blog's header image with a headshot of yourself? 

No, no, no! Don't pay for that stuff! It's like paying someone to slice your pizza for you. Why waste that money? Plus it adds up -- $50 here, $40 there, $200 here ... you could have redesigned your whole website for the amount you've paid.

Finally, A Simple All-In-One Solution Custom Built For Today's Platform Builder.

contains easy-to-follow tutorials for creating professional-looking designs for all of these often used images. You'll learn:

  • How to create 3D book covers
  • How to create header images for your blog
  • How to remove the backgrounds of your headshot 
  • How to design basic book covers
  • Templates for book covers to use on your blog or LeadPages

But Wait, We'll Still Build MORE Content Based On YOUR Needs. Tell Us, and We'll Create It.

The deliverables mentioned above will serve the needs of 80% of your personal brand building needs. But we won't stop there. 

As a charter member of , you'll be part of the building process. If you get stuck on something in Photoshop or Canva, we'll either record another tutorial or create a new guide to help you get unstuck.

Maybe you need some more advanced tutorials on how to Photoshop an image for your blog or event promo? We'll create that, too.

No More Waiting For DAYS For A Design (So Annoying!)

I know how frustrating it is to want a simple design -- and find yourself unable to do it. 

I also know how frustrating it is to send off work to a designer -- and have them ignore your emails and calls. It's like they've fallen off the face of earth. (Are they playing videogames or something??) 

No more!

Use pro designers when you REALLY need them, like custom logos or website builds. Otherwise, do the little design needs yourself, and do 'em quickly.

Give Someone a Design and You Feed 'Em For a Day; Teach Someone Design and You Feed 'Em For a Lifetime.

That's what boils down to. As a personal brand, you're savvy, scrappy, but also strategic. You have no problem bootstrapping your way to building a profitable business, and you know how important marketing and branding is.

But the technology is what kills you. You can waste countless hours watching video after video on YouTube with some 14-year old kid showing you how to create something on Photoshop in his teen-angst, condescending tone of voice.

Then you figure, "I can't stand this kid. I'll just pay to have it done, or figure it out myself."

But then you realize, "Crud. I've thrown hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into this design stuff!"

Brand You: Design is the solution you've been waiting for.

That's exactly why Jason and I have created this course. Through the years, we've worked with hundreds of small businesses and have seen what platform builders need the most. That's what provides:
  • Short, Simple, and To-The-Point Video Tutorials
  • Learn-As-You-Go Photoshop Basics
  • Design Templates for Photoshop
  • Images To Be Used in LeadPages, MailChimp, or your blog

Here's What's Inside:

  • Video: How To Design Images For Your Blog (using Canva)
  • Video: How To Design Dashing Book Covers (using Canva)
  • Video: How To Design 3D Book Covers (using Photoshop)
  • Video: How To Create Banner Images For Your Blog (using Photoshop)
  • Templates: 3D Book Layouts (work great in LeadPages)
  • Templates: Product Box Sets (great for your courses)

Remember, We'll Build MORE Content Based On YOUR Needs. Tell Us, and We'll Create It.

If you get stuck in Photoshop or Canva, we'll either record another tutorial to get you unstuck, or create a quick guide.

We're building this with YOUR needs in mind. Chances are if you need something, so does someone else. You're invited to join us in creating this product. It's affordable, you'll have access to a pro like Jason, and it will save you thousands over the lifetime of your career.

You're invited to join for just $97. That's crazy low, especially considering 99 Designs lowest package is $299, and they won't even show you HOW to do it!

Join for Just $97. Release Date: Monday, December 14th.

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Available on December 14, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Brand You: Design

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